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Meagen Williams

Practice Director, Public Sector Professional Services
Acquia, Inc.

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Posted on maandag, 10 november 2014, 09:31
Change is hard. In technology, it is also inevitable. Done poorly, it can lead to busted budgets, blown timelines, and bloated scope. Done well, it can transform your organization. Planning is key to successful change--and planning must account for Meer...
Posted on woensdag, 11 december 2013, 12:38
I love public transportation. I happily ride Washington D.C.’s Metro to and from work every day. I take the bus to yoga. I think transit maps are art. I share photos, via Twitter and Facebook, of the outrageous things transit riders do. I am a Meer...
Posted on Vrijdag, 18 oktober 2013, 15:37
You have a Big Idea. Your Big Idea is going to change the way your agency works. Your Big Idea involves using technology to increase citizen engagement / be more efficient / collaborate internally / share data / do something awesome. You need to Meer...