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Posted on donderdag, 23 januari 2014, 12:41
As mentioned before, devops can be summarized by talking about culture, automation, monitoring metrics and sharing. Although devops is not about tooling, there are a number of open source tools out there that will be able to help you achieve your Meer...
Posted on maandag, 18 november 2013, 09:01
People often ask, why does DevOps matter? The honest answer to that question is...because having the development and operations team work together is the only way IT is successful. Over the past few decades I've worked in different environments that Meer...
Posted on maandag, 21 oktober 2013, 14:25
DevOps, DevOps, DevOps … the whole world is talking about DevOps, but what is DevOps? Since Munich 2012, DrupalCon had a dedicated devops track. After talking to a lot of people in Prague last month, I realized that the concept of DevOps is still Meer...