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Erik Webb

Manager, Cloud Engineering
Acquia, Inc.

Erik has been with Acquia since 2010, holding leadership positions in both the Professional Services and Engineering organizations. Currently he is the manager of the core Cloud engineering team providing Acquia Cloud hosting solutions. By providing technical oversight and product ownership, Erik is responsible for delivering a high performance, reliable Cloud platform for Acquia's many large enterprise customers.

While in the Professional Services organization, Erik advised well over 100 clients, including many Fortune 500 companies and large Public Sector clients in both state and federal government, in the design of their architecture and in improving their critically important performance and scalability. By conducting Infrastructure, Full Application, and Performance audits through a quantitative, Erik provided a process-oriented approach to guarantee high-impact, measurable results.

Prior to joining Acquia, Erik spent the better part of a decade working in higher education at Georgia Tech, concentrating on automation and deployment in computation-intensive environments. In addition he brings years of experience as an enterprise web applications developer and architect at IBM. He currently lives and works out of Boston, MA. You can read more about Erik at his personal web site or @erikwebb on Twitter.

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