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Technical Account Manager
Acquia, Inc.

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Posted on donderdag, 5 september 2013, 10:34
(Part 4 of the "Open Gov" blog series) In the previous posts in this series, we’ve talked about the requirements of the Administration’s Open Data mandate in terms of what needs to be implemented. In this post, we’ll talk about how to actually meet Meer...
Posted on maandag, 26 augustus 2013, 09:29
(Part 3 of the "Open Gov" blog series) In the previous post in this series, we talked about the activities necessary to fulfill the minimum requirements for the first two implementation steps due in November. At the time I wrote that post, the Meer...
Posted on woensdag, 14 augustus 2013, 11:36
(Part 2 of the "Open Gov" blog series) Federal agencies are currently wrestling with determining what they must do to comply with the White House’s Executive Order on open data. Until something more definitive is published, the best guidance might Meer...