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Deliver meaningful digital experiences that attract students and maintain solid relationships throughout their educational journeys and beyond.

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Our Combined Value

Mediacurrent + Acquia

Mediacurrent has partnered with Acquia for the past 15 years, delivering smart, Open Source solutions for higher education institutions. We understand the changing landscape in higher ed and the need to provide digital experiences with increased levels of personalization, efficiency, and ease of use. Together, we rethink digital strategies to set teams up for success and your institution apart from others.

Our Joint Open Source Impact

With a well-recognized reputation for development, user-centric strategy and design in the Open Source community, Mediacurrent is a Diamond-certified partner with the Drupal Association, the top-tier of recognition. 

Along with Acquia, we strongly believe in Open Source principles. We contribute code, we share our insights and we try to make the internet a better place for all who use it.

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Decoupled Drupal and Gatsby

Scaling Content Delivery

Learn how a world-class public research university is revitalizing their news site into a more resilient platform that will deliver Penn State News the freedom to share stories with speed and scale.

Catching Up With Student Expectations

Learn how higher ed institutions are adapting and evolving their digital experiences.


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Delivering Meaningful Digital Experiences in Higher Ed

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