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Acquia UK Government Accelerator

Build and manage websites that adhere to the GDS Framework in less time, with less resources

Imagine a platform that could help you build and manage websites that adhere to the GDS design principles in less time, with less resources. Imagine Drupal, coupled with Acquia’s proprietary development tools that help you set up and manage your applications. Imagine if your website could be built using intuitive, low-code tools that empower your teams to do more. Better still, imagine all of this being made available straight out of the box.

Imagine no more.

Acquia’s UK Government Accelerator is available for all public sector websites. Built on Drupal, the world’s finest open source enterprise CMS, with Acquia’s leading developer tools, all hosted on Acquia Cloud.The UK Government Accelerator offers you:

  • A design system based on the GDS that gets you started fast
  • A low code site builder with intuitive page building and editing
  • Out of the box capabilities, significantly accelerating your time to value

Gone are the days where content designers have to wait on developers to spin up the hosting, create the application, build the GDS components and templates and create layouts for pages. Free up developer time to focus on what counts most - getting features and services to your public - and get ready to start building pages over and over again, with total design fidelity and content freedom.

Fill out this form to request access to a fully featured UK Government Accelerator sandbox and try it for yourself. We will then be in touch with you as possible to offer you a short demonstration and your unique login to the sandbox.

***Disclaimer - Acquia is in no way affiliated with the Government Digital Service (GDS) or, nor are out tools endorsed or approved by either organisation. *

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