Why do these organizations trust Acquia?


Intuitive design

The University of Virginia's redesigned site stands out from those of its peers not only because it’s pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.



Pages across the Bentley University’s site were migrated to Drupal.


Easy to maintain

After consolidating its technical systems on Acquia Cloud, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine can focus on creating meaningful experiences for users, instead of worrying about website maintenance and reliability.

FERPA Ready? Check the box with Acquia.

The Federal Education Records Privacy Act (FERPA) mandates that institutions protect their students’ educational records and personal data. For Acquia’s higher education customers, they rest easy knowing that Acquia Cloud’s security and compliance controls provide FERPA-compliant digital experiences. Multi-layered cloud security controls, configurable user permissions, and built-in backups and disaster recovery make it easy to achieve FERPA compliance requirements and additionally, all Acquia Cloud services are monitored by a dedicated incident response team. FERPA. Check! 

Benefits of the Acquia Platform


Spend less time building, and lower your development and maintenance costs.


Grow to meet demand, increase efficiency, secure your data, and streamline your workflows for developers and marketers.


More accurate data and automated insights to personalize customer journeys.

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