Acquia Partner Delivery Toolkit Release 1.1 - Growing It Together

Acquia’s product team has been busy rolling out new products and several product improvements this quarter.

Although this creates excitement in the partner network, it can also cause some stress as partners look to use these new products. Partners were in need of a “how-to” guide to get up and running with Acquia products..Acquia strives to support our ecosystem of partners in any way we can.

To support our partners, the partner delivery team authored a self-service enablement guide for each of our new products (and some of our existing ones) to Acquia's Partner Portal.

These guides provide a general overview of the product, details about Acquia’s involvement in initial setup and configuration (if partner applicable), and details about key features, common risks and challenges, documentation and training, and where to get support.

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We hope that these new tools help with project development and improve our ability to work seamlessly with our partners.

We have made the following additions to the partner delivery toolkit:

  • Self-service enablement guides related to new products:
    • Acquia DAM
    • Acquia Journey
    • Acquia Cloud Enterprise Node.js application services
  • Updates for Acquia Lift and Acquia Cloud Site Factory in the reference architecture and on
  • Updates related to new products in the pm guide for PM/BA/PO.
  • Updates to the reference work plan for new products.
  • Updates to our learning paths for Drupal and Acquia Product Certification deck based on recent additions and retirement of some learning modules.

Older Lift course materials in Acquia Academy will soon be replaced with updated course materials.

We hope that our partners use these tools. We ask for open and honest feedback on where they can be improved. We are always open to hearing about the delivery experience with our products and what tools and techniques we can provide to improve the process.

Next quarter, partners can expect further updates to and the reference architecture related to new products, as well as a major update of the content architecture tools with a tutorial and revised template for content architecture and modeling.