APJ Customers and Partners Discuss Benefits of Working with Acquia

It’s more than just building websites or applications. It’s more than Drupal even. It’s about relationships.

Acquia’s success is because of our network of customers and partners.

We’re in it for a long haul, together.

From technical support to providing a best-in-class digital experience platform, Acquia, together with partners and customers, evaluates the needs of the business and diligently provides the right support and technology to not only keep all project stakeholders happy, but provide our customers’ customers with the best possible digital experiences across channels.

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“Using Acquia for our hosting as well as using our technical account manager, allows us to step back and innovate instead of spending our time doing a known effort in terms of operations and provisioning servers for what we’re trying to do we’d rather offload that effort somewhere else and spend our time in the insurance space and try and innovate for IAG,” said Paul Puse of  IAG

We were fortunate enough to sit down and interview several customers and partners for various industries who worked with Acquia to build and manage their digital experiences:

Customer testimonials:

  • Paul Puse, web solutions manager at IAG
  • Dougal Guppy, platform architect for Football Federation of Australia
  • Ryan De Melo, product and solutions architecture, and Ketan Mujumdar, senior manager of product engineering at Mediacorp

Partner testimonials:

  • Director Aris Theocharides and Adam Malone, manager of Deloitte Digital  
  • Kim Hopwood, managing director/head of digital at SapientRazorFish, Publicis Groupe
  • Cade Witnish, executive director and co-founder of Loud&Clear
  • Jason Davey, head of digital at Ogilvy
  • Yoshiyuki Ueda, business director, and Felipe Rubim, head of Drupal services, of CI&T Japan

Listen to how they handled a variety of digital challenges and gain insights into how you can implement digital strategies to improve your customers’ experience.

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