Pricing for Acquia Cloud

Announcing Per-Site Pricing for Acquia Cloud

Today we are proud to announce that we are releasing a new per-site site pricing model that allows you to buy the exact Acquia products and services you need. This new model provides tremendous flexibility:

  • Buy subscriptions to our development platform and tools one site at a time
  • Independently purchase our Drupal Application support offering
  • Choose to run your site(s) on new or existing infrastructure

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Much has changed since Acquia Cloud’s site pricing bundles were released three and a half years ago. In that time, technical innovation has driven much of what we do, but our pricing has remained the same. In terms of utility, these subscription models have served us and our partners very well, but we wanted to re-evaluate how Acquia Cloud was received by individual developers and small development shops.

Previously, if you were to have performed your initial development for a site on our developer focused Acquia Cloud Free, when it came time to upgrade, your options were a three or ten site subscription model.

This model was compelling if you were planning multiple sites, but for single site needs, it was less than ideal.

Today you can now upgrade those free tier sites to individually priced subscriptions, or purchase Acquia Cloud without committing to a larger subscription model that covers multiple sites.

This pricing model will make Acquia Cloud more accessible to development shops of all sizes.

If you’d like to try Acquia Cloud you can sign up for Acquia Cloud Free and try out a fully working development environment that includes everything you need to get a site ready to move into a production environment.




Kris Vanderwater

Developer Evangelist Acquia