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Acquia Lift Enables Faster, More Efficient Personalization and Reporting

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Today’s consumers expect highly relevant, personalized experiences that are tailored to their specific interests. They expect to find the right content and information they are looking for in real-time, from whatever device or channel they are using. As a result of consumers’ evolving expectations, personalization has become a necessity for marketers to stay competitive and engage their audiences across all digital touch points.

Unfortunately, most marketers struggle to effectively deliver personalized content. Marketers spend a lot of time and resources creating and distributing personalizations across multiple channels to each of their audience segments. They are constantly under pressure to prove the impact of their marketing programs, and are encouraged to make data-driven decisions to drive strategy and justify budget allocation.

To be successful in their personalization strategy, marketers must have a deep understanding of what their customers care about, and be quick to react and present relevant content at the right place and time. Acquia Lift helps marketers get a holistic view of their audience’s interests and behaviors across multiple channels and devices, and they can easily personalize and deliver contextualized experiences across any channel or device.

Now, we’re making it even easier and more efficient for marketers to create personalized content for their customers and analyze the impact of their personalization campaigns. We’re excited to announce the following new additions to Acquia Lift:


  • Improved Content Authoring (in beta): With an improved content authoring environment to Acquia Lift in beta, marketers can easily and quickly model and author reusable content for immediate use within personalization campaigns to streamline content marketing processes. Our powerful content authoring environment is preconfigured with ready-to-use content built in, decreasing the the time it takes to structure and tag materials to be used in personalizations, while making it easier to discover, repurpose, and distribute relevant content. Customers can start tracking data, creating content, and delivering personalized experiences without ever integrating into a specific CMS.
  • Enhanced Testing and Personalization (in beta): We’ve enhanced our content personalization capabilities to enable marketers to optimize, automate, and scale personalizations for their audiences to improve productivity. With these new additions currently in beta, marketers can more efficiently test, target, and recommend the most relevant content at the right time to engage their visitors. Leveraging Acquia Lift dashboards, teams can easily determine the type of content and topics that are converting to help inform their future content marketing strategy so they can spend their time creating or repurposing the most impactful content assets.
  • Advanced, Custom Reports (generally available): To better help marketers measure and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing programs and demonstrate ROI, we’ve added advanced custom reporting options to Acquia Lift. With custom reports, our customers have greater flexibility to build the reports they need to understand key insights and data for strategy and business success. Customers can access a variety of marketing analytics across tools, and visualize data through one business intelligence interface available from within Acquia Lift. Acquia Lift’s custom reporting and dashboards offer data and visualizations for ad-hoc analysis around individual personas, segments, content, customer engagement, customer conversion, and more.


With these new updates, we continue to empower our customers to speed productivity, scale content and simplify their personalization efforts so they can make the most of their time and focus on driving conversions and bottom-line results. To learn more about our personalization solution, visit Acquia Lift or contact our team for a demo.