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Introduction to the Acquia Partner Program

Welcome to the Acquia Partner Program, we are excited to have you on board. In an effort to quickly bring you up to speed we have put together the three videos below. Please take 10 minutes to watch the videos to learn more about the program, we are looking forward to doing business together.

This video will bring you up to speed on the basics for partners of using Acquia.com. Topics include how to edit your partner page, an overview of the partner finder, collateral portal, how to make co-branded data sheets, and Acquia branding requirements.
This video will teach you how to register a deal on Acquia.com, and the importance of using the Register a Deal button.
This video is a walk through of the Drupal Showcase, partners should upload their portfolios to this comprehensive directory. To visit the Drupal Showcase go to http://showcase.acquia.com.