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Let's talk about Drupal 6

Drupal 6 will soon no longer be supported - but fear not! Acquia has options for you.

If you are already using, or decide to move onto the Acquia Platform, not only will you benefit from everything else Acquia has to offer (link here), but we can also offer you extended Drupal 6 support until you are ready to take the leap to Drupal 8. Acquia's Extended D6 support will cover all of your websites including critical security fixes.

Alongside this, Acquia can help you get D8 ready! More than 400 websites are already taking advantage of 200+ amazing new features of Drupal 8, and we want you to experience them too.

Chat to us about D6 support on the Aquia Platform, and read up on the latest version in our Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8.