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Acquia Engage Award 2016 Winner



ThinkNation needed a website to promote their first conference that showcased speakers, sponsors, event details, and a conference blog. They needed a platform that could bring young people into the build process and push their organization’s great content to the fore front.


In partnership with Miggle, ThinkNation launched their event website on Drupal 8. As Acquia Cloud was one of only platforms to fully support Drupal 8 in its infancy, ThinkNation enlisted the help of Acquia’s Global Support team to deliver the new site. ThinkNation relied on Acquia to mediate any traffic spikes that may occur during the event and to build a platform for young people to discover their impact.


  • Demonstrated that Drupal 8 was production ready for simple sites with engaging designs during beta
  • Demonstrated that Drupal 8 was able to deliver on its objective of spreading the talent net because of how quickly ThinkNation was able to get a young newbie up and running with development
  • 25% of site traffic was centered on engagement with event coverage blog

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