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Ski Safari and Freedom Treks

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

Ski Safari and Freedom Treks


Ski Safari runs three sites to support their business, skisafari.com which offers ski tours, skisafriextras.com which covers the ski rentals and resort pass sales, and freedomtreks.co.uk, which sells cycle tours across Europe. Prior to this relaunch, each of these sites were hosted separately, on different proprietary systems, each connected to a central proprietary CRM via some very clunky methods.

Ski Safari was the UK’s highest rated ski tour operator in 2014 and 2015, and needed a digital platform that truly showcased their brand. Ski Safari decided to relaunch their digital platform to bring all three sites under one system.


Partnering digital agency, Miggle, worked with Ski Safari so that all three sites could be managed in Drupal in addition to utilizing the same core code base so that each site could share resources across brands, and reduce maintenance and hosting costs in the long term. Choosing Drupal as a solution also allowed Ski Safari to benefit from everything open source has to offer; full control of the code, no supplier-lock in and access to a global pool of developers.

One of the primary focuses for the new site was to deliver a responsive site with an enhanced UX compared to the existing site. In order to enhanced site designs, Miggle implemented a faceted search which better highlights product offerings in addition to linking to improved product pages. Ski Safari’s preferred Customer Relationship Management tool is also integrated with booking information and crucial customer satisfaction ratings following a customer’s trip.

With the Acquia Platform, Miggle was able to facilitate the launch and development of the two sites side-by-side without any deployment issues. Miggle says that “given the complexity of the multisite setup, most other digital experience providers would have struggled both to deliver the performance we are getting out of the box from Acquia without any further fine tuning and required complex CI setups to deliver multi site deployments.” Acquia Global Support has also provided expertise during both development and maintaining top site performance.


Freedom Treks:

  • 8.5 percent increase in sessions
  • 31.53 percent increase in smartphone usage
  • Bookings now made available online
  • Seamless integration with CRM

Ski Safari:

  • 15.58 percent increase in pageviews
  • 21.37 percent increase in pageviews per session
  • 43.58 percent increase in time spent
  • 14.46 percent increase in smartphone usage
  • Seamless integration with CRM

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Ski Safari and Freedom Treks