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Partnership is Paramount: You Can’t Build a Cloud Overnight

Partners and Acquia Cloud

This is Part 4 of a five-part series for Sitecore’s partners to take another look at success with Acquia and Drupal.

When selecting a technology vendor to partner with, you need to be certain that their products and solutions are the right choice for your customers. This becomes particularly important when looking at cloud companies. Acquia has remained committed to our cloud offering from the very beginning; along with open source as a core pillar of our business. But why should this matter to our partners? I sat down again with David Aponovich, Senior Director of Digital Experiences at Acquia, to discuss the important role Acquia Cloud plays for partners as a valuable product.

When asked what are the three central tenets of Acquia’s cloud, David said “When I think of the value of Acquia Cloud, several things come to mind. I think the fact that Acquia has merged content management with a secure cloud platform makes it so a partner does not have to worry about stability. That’s something we watch over on behalf of our partner and the customer. You don’t have to worry about that on your end.

The second key benefit Acquia’s cloud platform enables is security. The Acquia platform is used by some of the most security-intensive and security-minded organizations -- global enterprises, the largest government entities, and other organizations where security and compliance is paramount to everything they do.

Third is performance for digital experiences. Acquia Cloud is a high-performance platform that scales as needed; whether it’s the number of sites you’re building and managing, the traffic that you’re hit with, or the application load you’re carrying on that platform. Acquia’s cloud scales in a way that other platforms simply cannot. We don’t require purchasing new software licenses for additional sites, or charge for additional seats for more users, or cause customers to spend time requisitioning more infrastructure as they scale. This is all part of the Acquia’s platform promise.”

In today’s market, there is a significant emphasis on the importance of cloud to digital experience delivery and customer success, something Acquia has understood for nearly a decade - we’ve built our business on it. But even with cloud deeply rooted in our DNA, our competitors still claim, “Well, we’re cloud too. We do that so that’s not a big deal,” but the reality is proven execution and a business model aligned with customers’ and partners’ cloud requirements is a big deal. It matters deeply for our partners and our customers. What would you say about that?

There’s a great disparity in this market in terms of what a cloud is, including cloud platform-as- a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS), as well as managed hosting. Acquia has been recognized as more than just a cloud vendor. Over the past nine years we’ve built PaaS and SaaS offerings for content management, multisite management and governance, personalization and digital experience delivery. As part of that, we’ve built an entire business around this cloud-first business model to serve our partners and our mutual customers. Every aspect of Acquia’s DNA is aligned with the cloud: how we run our business, how we go to market, deliver a subscription service, and leverage and optimize open source Drupal at every step.

"Here’s the truth. Our leadership in cloud platforms for WCM and digital experience is years ahead of the work by other vendors in this market. While they spent years selling high-margin, on-premise software, they left “cloud” options to their partners and customers to solve; they’ve painted over their cloud offerings by “cloudwashing,” ignoring that they lack an integrated cloud platform - it’s mostly software stuck on a hosting or a cloud environment others still must be responsible for. Acquia has delivered a robust cloud platform for modern experience creation, delivery, integration with other tools and optimization for thousands of customers and partners; we take care of infrastructure and application uptime. Our integrated cloud model lets us add new capabilities instantly for the benefit of customers and partners. The others? They’re trying to catch up, to make cloud offerings out of software and support models built on the expectation of on-premise delivery.

There are vendors who have not made the leap and not made the full investment; they are trying to catch up by partnering with Microsoft Azure, for example. Both Adobe and Sitecore are doing this in an effort to to catch up. At the same time, we have been cloud first for nine years and have a stable cloud platform ready for you to build on today. There’s a lot that goes into building a cloud business; we remain focused on what it means to deliver true cloud platform and its services to our customers.“

With Acquia, partners can be confident that we are there to ensure that each project is a success. We will always be responsive, whether it’s about addressing issues that may come up. Our partners can be sure that the capabilities we’ve built amongst the team are there to support the underlying technology as need demands.

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