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The Future of Commerce is Content

The commerce landscape is changing. Consumers are asking for more content-rich commerce experiences, and brands are responding by finding new ways to inject content into the flow. This trend is just beginning to take off, and brands who don’t adopt early will be left behind or commoditized. Or both.

At Acquia, we believe in the power of content + commerce, and we have the research to back it up. Peter Sheldon and Stephen Powers from Forrester research help define the future of the content/commerce integration and discuss how to prepare your brand for these changing customer expectations.

Part 1: Creating a Content First Organization

Part 2: The Importance of an Integrated Technical Strategy

Part 3: Rich and Varied Content Drives Commerce Metrics

Content And Commerce: The Odd Couple Or The Power Couple?

Forrester Research analysts Stephen Powers and Peter Sheldon have taken on the challenge of integrating content and commerce in a new report, 'Content And Commerce: The Odd Couple Or The Power Couple

In this report you’ll learn:

  • How retailers and brands are leaving revenue on the table by forcing separate product discovery and purchase experiences.
  • How organizations need to affect change across initiatives and teams, as well as systems.
  • The three different content and commerce integration model options between WCM and eCommerce platform experience delivery.

Bridge the Commerce/Content Divide

Commerce and digital marketing teams tell a familiar story. The commerce team launches an online store on a commerce platform. The marketing team builds a content-based brand site. Both teams meet their individual goals and KPIs, however the user is left with a disjointed experience, and ultimately the brand is left with revenue on the table.

Stephen Powers digs deeper into this divide, the reasons it came to be, and what brands can do to bridge the divide and drive revenue.

Report Highlights

  • The “Two-Site Syndrome” Leaves Revenue on the Table
  • Unified Collaboration Strategy Positively Impacts Conversion
  • Leadership Thinks Things Are Fine. But They Aren’t
  • Commerce Winners Are Winning Because of Differentiation with Content