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Web Content Management (WCM) System

Drupal Content Management

The days of coding websites are over: It’s time to build. You can build anything with Drupal; Acquia helps you fit the pieces together seamlessly.

Thousands of developers have made Drupal the success it is today. It runs hundreds of thousands of websites, including such household names as Al Jazeera, Turner, Intuit, World Economic Forum, Stanford University, New York Senate, NPR and over 200 sites in the Alexa Top 10,000.

They choose Drupal because it’s fast, secure, scalable and – most importantly – open. When you choose Drupal, you get:

  • Open architecture: Adding features is as easy as plugging in a new module.
  • Open data: Drupal works with other sites via RSS, RDF and other standard data formats.
  • Open development: Drupal’s open-source licence and well-documented API remove all limits.

Above all, you get the power of Drupal’s community, augmented by Acquia’s unique combination of enterprise-level knowledge, tools and services.

Build with top-grade materials

Drupal excels at:

  • Social publishing. Multi-user logins, granular permissions, commenting, profiles, data exchange... in Drupal, it’s all native, not bolted on as an afterthought.
  • Content services. Drupal's 'placeless' content architecture lets you reuse content freely without worrying about syncronisation or content duplication.
  • Dynamic media. Display such media as image galleries, video streams and maps; vary them based on environmental factors including user activity and location; connect them to Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and dozens of other social networks.
  • Rapid deployment. Drupal’s plug-and-play architecture lets you build in days, not months, yet is as open as a true web development framework should be.