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Forrester Research, Inc.: Digital Brand Building: Advance From Chasing Efficiencies To Creating Experiences

January, 2015
CMOs have embraced the measurable efficiencies of digital channels to push their messages out to customers. But too often digital languishes as a tactical communications tool, which a lack of strategy and legacy organisations with inadequate digital skills hinder. While efficiency channels like email and search will remain a necessary mainstay for driving product discovery and trial, digital experiences will elevate and strengthen a brand by forging a stronger customer bond.

Acquia Ready Onboarding Guide

A guide on how to engage with us for support and how to access and use our systems and tools.
We are pleased to welcome you to Acquia’s platform and tools. Whether you are deploying a new site or migrating an existing one, our team of experts will guide you through all the important activities along your critical path to launch. In addition to the extensive documentation available at, this guide should serve as your starting point to ensure your application is tuned and optimized for success on Acquia Cloud.

The Next Wave of Digital Government

A roadmap for high-impact technology transformation
A few taps, a few swipes, a bit of typing — getting information and taking care of business with whatever device is at hand is the expectation that all constituents now bring to their interactions with government. The public sector is being pushed to deliver more digital and mobile services, yet many government websites, information structures and application development methodologies are not able to meet the challenge.

Forrester: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Accelerating Time-To-Market And Enabling Cost-Effective Deployment of Multiple Websites
Download this Forrester report below to see how Acquia Cloud Site Factory empowers brands to take back their digital properties and deliver exceptional experiences at scale…...with incredible results. Here's a few:
944% ROI
Site Costs Lowered by as Much as 80%
Payback in 2.3 Months
Benefits of $12.4 Million over Three Years

5 Powerful Government Drupal Websites in Action

In today’s digital-savvy world, the most impactful government agencies have embraced digital initiatives and communications technologies, such as open source web content management systems (CMS). They use their websites to disseminate information, connect citizens to their agency mission, and streamline internal operations and communications. Although it’s possible to work within existing frameworks of older, closed source CMS and hosting platforms, it is like sending email over a dial-up Internet connection.

State of Digital Government

State and Local Insights
In the two years since the Obama Administration launched the Digital Government Strategy, agencies -at all levels- have made significant strides to improve digital services in four major strategy areas: information-centric, shared platform, customer-centric, and security and privacy. Yet why do state & local leaders still give an average B- rating to their agency’s digital efforts?

The Great Open Source Migration

Agencies Are Turning to Open Source Solutions Like Drupal to Get Mission-Critical Information to Citizens and Customers While Increasing Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Innovation
We live in a world where information is at our fingertips—where technology has given us extraordinary access to collaboration, transparency, and efficiency.
“The innovative use of technology is fundamentally transforming how the American people do business and live their daily lives,” said President Barack Obama in 2012 when discussing the need to create a 21st century digital government. “Innovators in the private sector and the Federal Government have used these technological advances to fundamentally change how they serve their customers.”

Making the Grade in Digital Government

Two years after the launch of the Obama administration's Digital Government Strategy, the White House's digital leaders have released new recommendations for how federal agencies can best obtain and establish digital services for their customers. Agencies now look to take heed of the administration's newly released U.S. Digital Services Playbook and TechFAR Handbook. However, success will hinge on government's ability to promote openness in both technology as well as throughout the acquisition process.
Download this GBC Issue Brief to learn:

Drupal Multi-site

Drupal offre une fonction très utile appelée Multi-site, qui permet de servir de nombreux sites à partir d’une même base de code Drupal. Grâce à cette fonction, vous pouvez réduire les coûts liés à la gestion du code pour plusieurs sites et bénéficier d’une grande agilité pour lancer rapidement vos nouveaux sites.
Vous trouverez dans ce guide technique une description détaillée de Multi-site, des conseils pour exploiter cette fonction pour votre organisation et la liste des aspects à prendre en compte concernant l’infrastructure lors du déploiement d’une installation Multi-site.

Forrester Research: Bridge the Commerce/Content Divide

The Issue: The Content and Commerce Divide
Commerce and digital marketing teams tell a familiar story. The commerce team launches an online store on a commerce platform. Commerce and IT focus on the platform and evolve it as the online business grows—focusing on basics such as PCI compliance and product information and expand-ing to more complex integrations. Now they want to add content, such as reviews and engaging media, that will inform and guide shoppers.

Beyond Marketing: Why Digital Disruption Requires a Deeper Transformation

The forces of digital disruption have toppled established business models, magnified the significance of digital channels and competences, and initiated the “customer-centric era.” Chief marketing officers (CMOs) and their marketing organizations would seem to be ideally positioned to lead the organizational response to these disruptions. Marketing typically owns the customer relationship and has developed sophisticated methods for understanding and communicating with customers.

Mettre en place une infrastructure Web nouvelle génération avec Drupal et Acquia

Au cours des dix dernières années, le web a complètement changé. Ce qui se résumait autrefois à un simple système de diffusion de contenu s’est désormais mué en une source de contenu social — un mélange riche et interactif combinant divers types de médias partagés par différents groupes de personnes et délivrés sur une multitude de supports.

Digital Government 2014: The Two-Year Progress Report

On May 23, 2012, the Obama Administration launched the Digital Government Strategy, an effort to improve the way that agencies utilize digital tools and data to improve services for the American people. The strategy builds upon four principles: Information-Centric, Shared Platform, Customer-Centric, and Security and Privacy. Two years later, government agencies vary in their progress toward many of the goals set forth in the Digital Government Strategy.

Take Control of Your Digital Properties with Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Acquia Cloud Site Factory enables digital business leaders to efficiently and effectively deliver large numbers of unique, branded web experiences while maintaining control of the process. Time to market becomes days instead of weeks or months. With Acquia Cloud Site Factory, you’ll be able to control website production with a repeatable, scalable, well managed platform that lowers costs and facilitates creativity and innovation.

When Media and Entertainment Firms Go Digital

To thrive in the digital age, media and entertainment firms must nurture profitable relationships between content and customers. They build brand and buzz behind popular tunes, episodes, and entertaining personalities. Successful firms foster friction-free networks, channel valuable content that flows through them, and build engaging communities around them. Along the way, they squarely face the future and digitize their most promising revenue streams.


The Payoffs of PaaS

Four Ways Cloud Platform As A Service Offerings Can Improve Performance While Reducing Operational Costs
This paper explains what Platform as a Service (PaaS) is and the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Cloud deployment options make a difference in Acquia's Drupal business

The 451 Group provides information about market development. Acquia, which offers support and services for the popular open source Drupal content management project, recently did some expansion and rebranding of its cloud-based deployment options.

White paper: Assembling a Next Generation Enterprise Web Infrastructure with Drupal and Acquia

In this paper we describe how the open-source social publishing platform Drupal, together with Acquia, gives you the tools you need to regain control of your web content infrastructure and web applications -- and deliver the service you require.

White paper: Get a Grip on Hosting Costs for Your High Volume Website

Improve performance, scalability and availability, while reducing business risk and costs with the Drupal Open Source social publishing platform and Acquia Hosting services
In this paper you will understand how website hosting can cost you a lot of money and how Acquia hosting can help eliminate those additional costs while reducing business risk.