Mini-cours sur les Vues, Partie I : introduction aux Vues

Views Mini-Course, Part I: An Introduction to Views

Even if you're brand new to Drupal, find out what the Views module can do. Heather James, manager of training here at Acquia, will show you around the interface so you can become familiar with key terminology for Views such as displays, formats, filters. She’ll also demo how to create a view of content, users or taxonomy. She’ll give you a peek at how to extend Views with other modules.

You will learn about:

  • Views orientation
  • Views displays: Block, page, RSS
  • Views attachments
  • Formats: HTML list, tables, unstructured lists, etc.
  • Filters: To narrow down the set of results

Watch the recorded webinar

occurred on

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 EST


1:00 PM



Heather James

Heather James

Former Trainer and Learning Services Manager Acquia