Reconcevoir la plateforme : comment planifier votre prochaine plateforme numérique multi-sites ?

Businesses maintain thousands of sites that support marketing campaigns, new products, brands, and multi-regional branches.

Re-Platforming: How to Plan Your Next Multi-Site Digital Platform

From bottomline revenue to digital workflows, the implementation of a multisite platform has tangible business impacts. Selecting a system is a strategic decision that will determine how your team delivers and governs sites for years to come.

Join a session with Acquia’s Platform executives and leave understanding:

  • Why experienced enterprises use multisite to power thousands of sites
  • How to evaluate platforms and find the right solution for your team
  • A framework for structuring multisite platforms - from development to governance

Speakers: David Butler and Will Eisner of Acquia.

Watch the recorded webinar

occurred on

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 EDT


1:00 PM