Personalization How-To: Driving Conversion with Acquia Lift

Katelyn Fogarty

Today’s digital marketers and site owners are being asked to do more with less to engage customers, segment their audiences, and improve conversion rates across all their digital properties.

We understand that data rules, but manually mining and interpreting data can be frustrating (read: near impossible!) to scale.

Acquia Lift takes out the “bang-your-head-against-your-desk” part of the personalization process. Marketers can create content for their target segments, and Acquia Lift applies user-based knowledge and adaptive learning to continuously improve personalized experiences.

Join us for a webinar on Acquia Lift, where you’ll hear one of our very own marketers share her experience with Acquia Lift. Kate Fogarty, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Acquia, will discuss:

  • Our strategy/approach for implementing Acquia Lift
  • How to use the solution
  • How we are testing and targeting users today
  • How we achieved a 33% increase in click through rate
  • What’s next for us and for Acquia Lift