Open Y : une seule plateforme numérique pour tous les YMCA

The YMCA faces the same challenges as most organizations with decentralized and fragmented digital ecosystems. To streamline resources and deliver on its philanthropic goals, the YMCA Twin Cities partnered with FFW - a digital agency and Acquia Preferred Partner - to build Open Y.

YMCA platform

Open Y is an open source initiative to bring digital transformation and unity to the YMCA. Based on the philosophy that collaboration drives innovation and impact, Open Y brings together a community of YMCAs and digital partners to provide a common digital vision for the 160-year-old YMCA brand.

Join the project’s innovators - from both YMCA Twin Cities and FFW - to learn about:

  • How Open Y aligns talents, saves money and delivers better experiences for YMCAs across the US and internationally
  • Why YMCA Twin Cities chose Drupal 8 to be the foundation for Open Y
  • The future vision for and what it means for other organizations that want to implement similar platforms
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David Aponovich

David Aponovich

Directeur senior, marketing produit Acquia, Inc.

David Aponovich est directeur du marketing produit chez Acquia, où il aide à articuler la valeur métier et technique des solutions Acquia pour l'expérience digitale. Avant de rejoindre Acquia, David était analyste sénior chez Forrester Research, couvrant les plateformes WCM et d’expérience digitale, ainsi que le conseil pour des clients internationaux.