How to Master Multi-Site Creation with Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Today, the need for creating new digital experiences is outpacing many organizations capacity to deliver. With so much riding on the success of websites and social and digital marketing campaigns, it begs the question: can your site keep up?

Remove the bottleneck and any roadblocks with Acquia Cloud Site Factory. By combining the operational efficiencies of SaaS with the speed and flexibility of open source Drupal, Acquia Cloud Site Factory gives organizations the freedom to create websites without boundaries.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory enables organizations to build their own website factory, allowing you to churn out new content-rich, social websites in minutes. With a single, intuitive dashboard, you can manage, localize, and update hundreds of sites from a centralized platform. In this webinar, you will learn how to take advantage of our scalable OpenSaaS platform to:

  • Create complete website templates to roll out sites quickly
  • Rapidly configure components to deliver content-rich digital experiences
  • Produce hundreds of highly branded websites with WYSIWYG design tools
  • Eliminate risk of lock-in with OpenSaaS

This webinar is well suited for business and technical decision makers who are looking to meet the accelerating demand for rapid multi-site creation at scale.