Dries Buytaert Sets the Record Straight: Drupal as an Enterprise Web Content Management System

Unfortunately, the live event for this webinar has passed.
No need to worry! We always post the recorded webinar and slides within 24 hours of the event. Check back soon!

Dries Buytaert is the Creator and Project Lead of Drupal, as well as the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Acquia.

Web Content Management Systems (CMS) serve as the foundation of your digital customer experience strategy. Yet many enterprises struggle with legacy proprietary products (like HP Interwoven or OpenText Vignette) that can’t keep pace with the speed of digital marketing.

Open Source Web CMS products like Drupal are sometimes overlooked by enterprises because of fear and misconceptions that legacy vendors often spread. The truth is, more than 1 million sites run on Drupal, including large enterprises like NBCUniversal, Cisco, NYSE Euronext, and Warner Music Group.

We’ve heard it all, and we’re here to give you the facts. In this webinar, Dries will cover how Drupal is conquering the enterprise, the common Drupal myths (that proprietary vendors want you to believe), and why other web CMS just can’t match up with the agility and freedom delivered by Drupal.

In this webinar with Dries, you’ll learn:

  • Why Drupal is an Enterprise Ready Web Content Management System
  • Common Misconceptions About Drupal and Open Source (Including concerns with security, scalability, flexibility)
  • Why Drupal Wins Against Proprietary Vendors like Adobe and Sitecore
  • Case Studies of Drupal in Large Enterprises