42 modules en 42 minutes : les nouveaux modules pour Drupal 8

With the recent release of Drupal 8, a common question has been “which modules will be readily available from Drupal 6 or 7?” Luckily, our Drupal 8 Module Acceleration Program has accelerated the release of a ton (34, to be specific) of modules for Drupal 8.

In this webinar, hear John Kennedy speak about these modules and what you can do with them in Drupal 8. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of:

  • How to use the new concepts and modules of Drupal 8 to build an advanced authoring experience
  • The pros and cons of competitive concepts and modules, ie. IEF vs. Paragraphs
  • An overview of the updated functionality of each of the accelerated modules
Watch the recorded webinar
John Kennedy

John Kennedy

Ancien chef de produit, services de plate-forme Acquia

John Kennedy est un ancien chef de produit pour les services de plate-forme pour Acquia.