Accueil / Community: The Future of Digital Marketing

Community: The Future of Digital Marketing

Community: The Future of Digital Marketing

Acquia and BrightLemon are pleased to invite you to Russell Square House in Central London on Wednesday 28th November to join a free breakfast session exploring how Drupal can empower your organisation’s direct engagement with the public.

Online communities and interactive websites are augmenting and even replacing traditional marketing strategies. Consumers prefer to engage directly with their favourite brands, and online communities allow them to do so. Online communities provide an organisation with valuable customer insight, word of mouth endorsements, and improved retention rates.

We will explore the benefits of building an online community and how to maximise engagement with external stakeholders and experts. We will also discuss how a Drupal platform will help Digital Marketers build brand loyalty, generate demand and expand digital footprint to the widest audience possible.

Actual experience will inform the discussion as we examine the strategy and considerations needed to build successful 100,000+ social networks. We’ll talk about relevant social theories, technical requirements, and key steps to success.

By joining this seminar you will have a better understanding of:

  • The benefits of growing your online community.
  • The process for developing an online community.
  • Technical challenges you will encounter.
  • Case studies of how organisations are using their online community.

mercredi, le 28 novembre 2012h

London, Russell Square House