Accueil / BADcamp 2013

BADcamp 2013

jeudi, octobre 24, 2013 (Jour entier) - Dimanche, octobre 27, 2013 (Jour entier)
Berkeley, CA

BADcamp 2013

We're making a splash at BADcamp in a BIG way.

We're proud to be a top sponsor, speaking and hiring at BADcamp this year.

Don't miss our sessions:
Title: Building BADCamp: A Retrospective Panel
Level: Beginner
Speaker: David Hwang

Title: Solr Power: Using Apache Solr to Power Content Sharing Curation and as an NoSQL Content store at Autodesk
Level: Advanced
Speaker: Mark Sakurada

Title: Coming Soon to a Drupal 8 Near You!
Level: Intermediate
Speaker: Angie "webchick" Byron

Title: Upgrade YOUR Module to Drupal 8
Level: Intermediate
Speaker: Angie "webchick" Byron, Jess "xjm" Myrbo and Alex Bronstein

Title: The future of search and SEO
Level: Intermediate
Speaker: Stéphane "scor" Corlosquet and Nick "nick_vh" Veenhof

Title: Why users are irrational and what we can do about it
Level: Intermediate
Speaker: Kevin "tkoleary" Oleary

Title: How will revolutionize site building
Level: Intermediate
Speaker: Kevin "tkoleary" Oleary

Title: Drupal for Dev-team Decision Makers
Level: Beginner
Speaker: Stéphane "scor" Corlosquet, Kay VanValkenburgh and Forest Mars

Title: How Organizations Succeed with Open Source
Level: Beginner
Speaker: Micheal Meyers

More to be announced soon so stay tuned!

Also, kick off BADcamp the right way with us Friday night! We're inviting you and your friends to join us for a beer and talk everything Drupal. Mariano Crivello on our team will be spinning some great music for us to enjoy as well!
When: Friday, October 25, 9:00pm
Where: Revival, Downtown Berkeley
RSVP: Let us know you're coming!

We're Hiring on Site!
We'll be in full hiring mode at this event - so please stop by our table during BADcamp to chat with someone on our team. For information on open positions, please contact Bree Biederman - she's happy to help!

More info on summits, sessions and a UX/UI study someone soon - stay tuned!