CMS in the Public Sector

The establishment of public-facing open source content management has become a popular way to disseminate information. 

According to W3Techs’ daily intake of data from approximately 10 million websites, the market position of Drupal trumps other popular CMS platforms, such as WordPress and Joomla, for high traffic sites.1 As the open source trend evolves into a need, so do the requirements advancing it. Open source is a software that is publicly and freely available and can be viewed by anyone with internet access.

Two years ago, the Obama administration implemented a policy requiring 20 percent of federal government software projects to be open source.2 As our government is by the people, for the people, an open source CMS makes great sense.

In partnership with Acquia, a leading Drupal pathfinder, Communications Training Analysis Corporation (CTAC) provides top quality IT services and paired with Acquia’s Drupal-based platform, makes a well-suited match for any CMS project the public sector is facing.

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