Accueil / Acquia Lift: Build with Ease, Personalize with Power

Acquia Lift: Build with Ease, Personalize with Power

In just a few clicks, deliver the experience your customers expect

Acquia Lift makes it easy and fast for marketers to personalize and optimize digital experiences across any device or channel. Unlike other personalization solutions, Lift is the only single solution that combines ready-to-use content and rich customer data — empowering organizations to seamlessly target their audiences with experiences that are guaranteed to drive engagement and bottom-line results.

Modern marketers feel the constant pressure of meeting their customers’ increasingly high expectations. It has become a prerequisite that organizations be able to deliver the most personalized and tailored experiences if they want to continue to build and maintain relationships with their buyers. In fact, those organizations that nurture their leads with personalized content find a 20 percent uplift in sales opportunities . The evolution 1 of marketing personalization technology has helped organizations automate one-to-one marketing processes. However personalization remains challenging, and for many reasons.