LV= improves customer service, motivates workforce with online collaboration


Leading UK financial mutual builds general insurance knowledge base with Drupal

LV='s former knowledge base prevented its call centre team from sharing information effectively. With the support of Acquia, LV= created Resolv=, which is a collaborative online knowledge base for general insurance (GI) enquiries. The award winning Drupal-based solution enables LV= to answer customer queries faster and with greater accuracy.

The Problem

More than 2,500 LV= customer service professionals across 17 UK sites take calls from customers. In an industry that is heavily regulated, it is essential that customer service staff provide accurate and timely information. However, at LV=, knowledge resided in online documents that were difficult to search. Through a “Challenge 48” collaborative workshop conducted in partnership with digital specialists Fluxx, this challenge was identified as one of the key services that could be provided via LV=’s new intranet.

How they did it

Using LV=’s Fast Track process, which accelerates important organisational projects, the project team defined the key features for the new intranet knowledge management (KM) tool. One option was to change the KM document repository; another was a more innovative approach to information sharing using the concepts of social media services that users were already familiar with. This fit well with the general drive for a more collaborative intranet delivery, for which LV= had selected Drupal.

Rod Willmott, Fast Track Director at LV=, said, “SharePoint was mooted as the replacement intranet platform, but we felt that it required too much technical expertise to manage. We found that it would be much easier with Drupal and Acquia. Indeed, knowledge transfer with Acquia Professional Services was just what we needed, and setting up Drupal simply required configuration with other modules rather than extensive coding, and we made rapid progress on both the new intranet and the knowledge sharing platform.”

During the Challenge 48 process, in which Acquia Professional Services participated, a pilot system was created in two days. The team captured user feedback during the pilot and then held a three-day workshop to define the modifications needed before the launch. The overall project took less than 10 days of development time.

“Our previous solution took over a year to build and incurred over 50 times the cost and time of the extensible solution that we have developed on Drupal with Acquia,” Willmott said. “It took just one month from the first meeting to the point where we rolled out the Resolv= pilot to 100 customer service staff.”

LV= used a radically different approach to developing and extending the pilot, letting the pilot users specify changes and features as they found best ways to use the Resolv= solution. The process captured the wealth of knowledge from within all relevant departments of the general insurance team, using keyword tagging to emulate the customer’s language rather than industry jargon or technical terminology. “Team Resolv=” subject matter experts were nominated to approve official answers that adhered to Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations. Gamification concepts were included in Resolv= to identify “top resolvers” and the participation and buy in were exceptional.

The results

Resolv= not only has been effective in improving customer service, it has also proved to be motivational for the customer service team: improving customer service, reducing errors, and reducing handling times. In a survey of pilot users, more than 96 percent said Resolv= was easy to use and LV= has now rolled out Resolv= to the majority of customer service agents in general insurance and to other customer services team across LV=.

Using the knowledge base, LV= managers can easily identify staff with superior specialist knowledge, and this knowledge-sharing atmosphere has invigorated the team spirit. Gamification creates competition within the team to contribute to the knowledge base, driving higher performance rankings. “There’s something oddly competitive about watching your points go up, and it gives you self-confidence that the information is useful and accurate,” commented one of the users.

The new approach has delivered results. Call times have decreased, and first call resolutions increased, reducing the number of call escalations. “We’re delighted with the improvements we’re seeing and the increased performance and motivation of our customer service organisation is testament to the capabilities of Drupal and Acquia, and alternative ways of working for project delivery,” Willmott said.

The success of the Resolv= project has seen LV= win the Social and Collaborative learning award category at the Learning & Performance Institute’s 2014 Learning Awards and contributed to its triple win in the FSTech Awards: for Best Use of Technology in Customer Service, Best Department, and Overall Winner for 2014. It has also picked up awards for Resolv= at the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) UK Customer Service Awards in the Best Return on Customer Service Investment category.
LV= is also looking to be an active contributor in the Drupal community. “As a mutual organisation we are empathetic with the open source model and are keen to work out how we can contribute models or other code from the Resolv= project back to the Drupal community,” Willmott said.

Our previous solution took over a year to build and incurred over 50 times the cost and time of the extensible solution that we have developed on Drupal with Acquia.
Rod Willmott
Fast Track Director, LV=

Company Information

The UK’s largest friendly society and a leading financial mutual
More than 5 million members and customers
5,800 employees
Insure 1 in every 10 cars in the UK
UK’s top income protection provider
The Numbers
  • Close to a one-minute reduction in average call handling time
  • More than a minute reduction in wrap time (the time between ending one call and starting another)
  • ŽOne month from scope to pilot
  • Less than 10 days total development time

Success Enabled With...

  • Acquia Professional Services Ž
  • Acquia Cloud Ž
  • Acquia Network & Support