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Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

Johnson & Johnson CaringCrowd


Johnson & Johnson’s CaringCrowd® is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to improving public health and empowering people who are passionate about saving and improving the lives of vulnerable families and communities worldwide. Caring Crowd provides a platform for learning and sharing information about public health projects led by non-profit organizations. To raise the funding needed to implement them, CARINGCROWD required a digital experience platform that supports their mission of mobilizing their networks. This platform helps people support projects that help to provide simple, global public health solutions and contribute to increasing access to basic health care.


Acquia provides CaringCrowd with the optimal platform for Drupal development, providing essential Drupal tools right out-of-the-box. Acquia also provides platform support to guarantee top site performance. Partnering digital agency, CI&T aided in site design, development and integrations.


Since launching, CaringCrowd has completed funding for 12 global public health projects. These projects span across the world and focus on priorities such as maternal and child health, HIV, access to healthcare services. It continues to serve as a destination for education on global public health with new articles posted weekly on the blog.

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