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Herbert Smith Freehills

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

Herbert Smith Freehills


Herbert Smith Freehills needed to refresh their flagship site, but was frustrated with a restrictive proprietary web content management system. Herbert Smith Freehills turned to Acquia and Open Source to relaunch their digital platform.


Herbert Smith Freehills adopted Acquia Cloud as a service to launch a new digital infrastructure that would have never have been possible given the cost, time and complexity surrounding the previous proprietary software. The project utilized Acquia Content Hub to roll out over 50 Drupal sites across numerous verticals and countries. Salsa Digital, a partnering agency, help Herbert Smith Freehills develop an open source business case in addition to helping execute the project.


  • With Acquia Cloud, Herbert Smith Freehills can govern more than 50 sites across multiple verticals and countries.
  • Faster go to market.
  • Ability to replicate sites easily using Content Hub and Multi-Site.
  • Cost, time and complexity associated with rolling out new sites has mediated with Acquia and Drupal.

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Herbet Smith Freehills