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Case Study: ADMA

ADMA Perfects Data-Driven Marketing with Acquia Lift

Case Study: ADMA

The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) is the largest marketing association in Australia.

ADMA offers education courses, resources, events and expertise for creative and effective data-driven marketing and advertising across all channels and platforms. Amidst an evolving marketing landscape, ADMA developed a new digital strategy to meet the needs of marketers in Australia, in addition to solidifying its position as a leader in data-driven marketing. In order to guarantee its digital strategies and new platform provided a one-to-one experience for both association members and new customers, ADMA turned to Acquia and its Lift suite of optimization and personalization tools.

The Challenge

ADMA originated from a tradition of direct mail, where personalized customer experiences and one-to-one relationships were always a priority. As the practice of direct mail decreased in importance in the marketing mix, ADMA needed to support newer data-driven marketing approaches from all perspectives, including education, events, activities, and resources.

The association began to migrate more of their assets, communications, and content to digital environments, and recognized an opportunity to leverage the power of digital to connect with their customers. However, a fragmented digital platform prevented ADMA from truly understanding their customers’ journeys.

The ability to book educational courses and events was allocated to two different systems, the ability to pay in another, and integration with Salesforce®’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was weak.

This disjointed digital environment impeded ADMA’s understanding of their customers’ journeys and how site visitors interacted with their extensive collection of assets and properties. ADMA determined that a new technology environment was required to deliver best-in-class data-driven marketing and to properly execute digital personalization.

The Solution

In order to deliver a truly personalized customer experience, ADMA developed a new digital strategy with a state-of-the-art website at its heart. To implement personalization on their new website, ADMA turned to Drupal and the Acquia Platform. The first step was to migrate ADMA’s old website on to Drupal and to integrate their learning management system, CRM, and email marketing platforms.

With Acquia, ADMA was able to manage all of their systems under one platform for the first time. With seamless integrations to Drupal’s Content Management System, Salesforce® ’s CRM, and an eCommerce functionality, ADMA was finally positioned on a digital platform that provided them visibility into their customer’s journey. Now that ADMA was equipped with a cohesive digital platform, they could implement a new digital strategy to deliver personalized experiences to all members and site visitors.

The first priority of this digital strategy was to collect behavioral data about site visitors. This data included determining how both members and nonmembers consumed content and information, how they purchased courses, and where they received information about events. Personalization has always been at the heart of direct marketing, and Acquia Lift enabled ADMA to digitize traditional marketing approaches to implement audience segments on their site.

ADMA uses personas and audience segments to influence marketing activities. With the help of Acquia Professional Services, ADMA further developed personas that distinguished location, the level of marketer, and the type of organization in which the user is employed. Once these personas were in place, ADMA used Acquia Lift to dynamically test what content was most attractive to each audience segment. With a new understanding of the customer journey, ADMA can now craft unified user profiles to provide the most engaging experiences to site visitors.

The Results

In less than 18 months, ADMA rolled out a new website that integrated all of their digital systems in addition to providing their customers with the most engaging online experience to date. ADMA successfully launched ADMA IQ, their new 24/7 online educational platform, and has started to implement personalization on their site for the first time.

After adopting Acquia Lift, ADMA saw a 90% increase in engagement on their homepage in both visit duration and continued site navigation. With data-driven audience segments, ADMA can now push personalized events, courses and content to both first time visitors and long time members.

A fine-tuned personalization strategy has also enabled ADMA to sell more on their site. In partnership with Acquia’s Professional Services, ADMA developed a test and learn approach when implementing personalization campaigns. ADMA started simple, and began by advertising events on a regional basis. After one month, they witnessed a 16% increase in engagement on event pages.

“Technology is the glue between our business and our customers,” said Katherine Raskob, Director, Communications & Customer Experience at ADMA. “Drupal has been an incredibly easy to use, and has offered ADMA a fantastic way to develop and advance data-driven marketing. On top of Drupal, Acquia Lift has given us data-driven marketing capabilities that we never had before.”

On top of Drupal, Acquia Lift has given us data-driven marketing capabilities that we never had before.
Katherine Raskob
Director, Communications & Customer Experience, ADMA

Company Information

The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising
Largest marketing association in Australia
50 Employees
Acquia Client since 2015
Success Enabled With
  • Acquia Lift
  • Acquia Cloud Elite
  • Professional Services ⎼ Drupal 7