How to Deploy Your Website Safely Using Continuous Integration Best Practices [March 14, 2013]

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Develop for free on Acquia Cloud's Free Tier! Acquia is excited to offer a free development environment that includes separate Dev and Staging environments, and tools that automate testing and enable developers to follow continuous integration best practices. Webinar attendees will receive an invitation code allowing access to the beta release of Acquia Cloud’s free tier!
Creating killer websites is hard, but deploying them shouldn’t be. Developing and deploying web sites is best accomplished using a methodology called Continuous Integration (CI). By working in small batches, testing constantly and automating all testing and deployment tasks, you can avoid big surprises and a painful deployment experience. However, achieving a true Continuous Integration development process requires building and maintaining a highly automated infrastructure. You can build such a system yourself, or you can be up and running in a few minutes with the tools provide on Acquia Cloud.
In this webinar you’ll learn:
• The principles of Continuous Integration
• How to build Continuous Integration into your Drupal development process
• How to automate running tests, sanitize databases, perform rollbacks and other actions on Acquia Cloud using the Cloud API
• How to use Live Development—editing code directly on your server—as part of your Continuous Integration process.
Lead by Barry Jaspan, this session will also include a demonstration of Acquia’s continuous integration platform—Acquia Cloud.