How to Create a Great Community Experience with Drupal [January 30, 2013]

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Whether you manage an intranet, an online community or other membership organization site, we'll show you how to empower your members and monetize your content through Drupal tools and functionality. Experts from Deeson will walk you through best practices and case studies showing how to turn Drupal website into another member of your community management team. We will also give an overview of how we replaced one organization's legacy learning and professional development content with Drupal in order to reduce costs, avoid vendor lock-in while making everything available across a range mobile devices.

Simon Bostock, a Strategist at Deeson, has worked on intranets, online Communities of Practice and revenue-generating membership sites for clients such as Johnson & Johnson, University of London, trade unions, professional associations and other large Third Sector organisations.

In this webinar, you also will learn how to:
• Decide between integrating with a third party CRM or rolling your own using Drupal distributions
• Increase revenue using personalization and Drupal's advanced user management capabilities
• Increase engagement and retention through user-generated content
• Protect your content without affecting SEO and findability