Drupal Spark Simplifies Responsive Design, Mobile for Marketers [March 20, 2013]

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To win in today's competitive digital landscape, marketers and other content creators must be able to easily create content on all platforms, including tablets and mobile, without being slowed down by the need for technical skills. They need a centralized, intuitive tool that empowers them to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and consumer sentiment by delivering new content and campaigns in real time. The new Spark capabilities within Drupal empower marketers and others to make these updates across Web and mobile channels with ease.

In this session you will learn:
• Powerful new Spark capabilities in Drupal for both desktop authoring and mobile authoring.
• Usability improvements including the ease of inline and "drag-and-drop" editing.
• Responsive layout that automatically provides desktop, tablet, and smartphone formats.
• Powerful new mobile tooling, including mobile previews and mobile content authoring.