Building, maintaining and adapting Drupal projects: How to challenge the long run [March 7, 2013]

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Many organizations have identified Drupal as one of the most open and reliable web platform. Easy to deploy, robust enough to integrate their Information Systems. Complex and high-quality websites can now be delivered in much less time than with other technologies, while respecting high security requirements.

Long run maintainability and centrally developed web platforms are the new expectations Drupal is challenging. Web factory approach, rationalized design and pre-configured site profiles provide answers. Adapting these methods to existing large IS, migrating web history and respecting in-time delivery demands a high level experts team.

In this webinar, Capgemini will explain the technical and management choices made to deliver this and beyong.

Topics that will be covered during this session include:
• Features and Costs expectations
• Long run specific risks
• Platform consistent security and features management
• Continuous integration, quality control & centralised monitoring
• Shortening new websites deployment
• Reducing costs through homogeneous Drupal platform