Acquia Insight

Insight inspects each of the sites that you've connected to your Acquia Subscription, based on 3 parameters: performance, security, and adherence to best practices.
Insight displays an alert for each of the items that it examines, and creates an overall rating for your site based on the types of alerts it encountered. Insight does a complete static code analysis bringing to you new security and best practice recommendations and alerts indicating cross site scripting, diffs on modules that have been forked and bug fix updates etc.

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mardi, le 14 mai 2013h
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Michael Cooper: After I’ve been developing Drupal for a couple of years, I found out that most of the tasks that I was doing were repetitive. I was constantly checking websites before I launched them through a series of standard checks, making sure certain modules were in were configured correctly. I was also having to regularly run through those sites and make sure that nothing had been misconfigured on them, that some developer hadn’t gone in and changed something or that the customer hadn’t gone in and changed something after I handed the site over to them. It’s not that people were making mistakes, it’s just that there’s a lot of stuff that can go on with production websites.

So Acquia Insight, every three hours, grabs a swath of information about your website and analyzes it for security, performance and best practices, and we look at those three sections. We have about 150 tests that we run, to make sure that your site is well configured and isn’t going to cause you any problems. Some of the tests can be critical alerts. For example, the page caching is turned off or that anonymous users have access to the PHP filter and some of them are a lot more innocuous like the Views UI’s on, and you might not need it because people can go in and play with parts of your website that they don’t need to. We also have security checks specific to different versions of Drupal, and even to certain distributions; we have certain checks that’ll be showing up for those.

One of the best parts about Acquia Insight is that we do code analysis. We actually look at every module on your site and we make sure that your module has not been forked. If it has, we actually provide a diff of that module so you can look at that module and to change that and determine if it’s valid or not. It’s also very helpful when you upgrade. You can then pull down the new version of the module, apply the patch to it and then know that you’re good to go. When you’re developing for Drupal, one of the things we’ve all learned after a while is there are about 30 ways to do anything, and 15 or 16 of them are correct. Insight’s going to recommend the most standard way to solve a lot of problems, but you might know another way to handle that problem or solve it with a different module that maybe you just came out with a little while ago. If there’s an alert on our list that you’re failing, you can simply ignore that alert and wont penalize it for. You can see your score go up, and that alert falls off your list into the Ignored list. If you want to learn more about Acquia Insight, visit and click the Insight link to see how it works.

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