Accueil / 5 Steps to Open Your Website to a Global Audience [January 24, 2013]

5 Steps to Open Your Website to a Global Audience [January 24, 2013]

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Presenting your web content in a single language will limit your success. To build a global brand, businesses need to create a web experience that is accessible in many languages. Calvin Scharffs, Lingotek’s VP of Marketing, will demonstrate how to build a multilingual content presentation using Lingotek’s Global Web Experience Management solution, cloud-based software that utilizes Discovery, Analytics and Automation. Lingotek experts will show you how to manage a multilingual content Drupal site, synchronize the site’s content and manage changes in a continuous publishing model.

In this webinar, Calvin will walk you through the five steps needed to produce and maintain a multilingual website, including how to:

• Easily manage your multilingual sites
• Synchronize content and manage changes
• Translate content on the fly
• Use your community to translate
• When needed, professionally translate the content on your site

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jeudi, le 24 janvier 2013h