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Government JumpStart

Is your organisation considering the Drupal social publishing system? Are you considering technology options to meet the requirements of the Open Government Directive?

Acquia is here to help.

Acquia's Government JumpStart programmes are fixed price consulting engagements from Acquia Professional Services. In these offerings, Acquia will work side-by-side with your team providing mentoring and development. We can help you define your technology strategy, architect a scalable, secure solution and learn how to use Drupal to achieve your goals. We offer government agencies, departments and initiatives two options to get started fast and ensure your success with Drupal.

Also learn about our partnership with NuData Enterprise, an open data hosting and service offering that makes it easy for governments to publish data.

Government JumpStart

The Drupal social publishing platform can be utilised in many areas, including public affairs, intra-departmental collaboration, data mash-ups, intranet websites, directories and much more. This programme will help your team understand how Drupal works and how your organisation can put it to use effectively. Over the course of the training session, your team will gain familiarity with Drupal and get hands on experience in the following areas:

  • Propose Drupal as a collaboration technology platform
  • Setting up a Drupal site to increase transparency and openness
  • Understanding Drupal concepts and best practices
  • Architecting a scalable and secure Drupal infrastructure
  • Mapping system requirements to Drupal modules
  • Certification and accreditation of your Drupal system
  • Customising Drupal system with your own themes and modules

Open Government Directive JumpStart

For organisations seeking to use Drupal to meet your Open Government Directive plan, we can tailor the Government JumpStart engagement specifically to your requirements. This programme includes many of the same elements as the Government JumpStart programme, as well as:

  • Specific guidance on how to propose Drupal as a solution for your Open Government Directive plan
  • Training and support for setting up a Drupal site at
  • Security and scalability planning for your OGD Drupal site
  • Certification and accreditation for Drupal for your agency

For more information contact Acquia Sales at, 888-9-ACQUIA or +1 617-588-9600.