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Drupal Training

Acquia’s Drupal Training instills Drupal knowledge in designers and developers through on-site classroom-style courses. We develop and maintain a standardised, up-to-date Drupal curriculum, and also offer custom courses to address specific training needs within your organisation. All training is delivered through our extensive training partner programme.

Acquia's curricula cover a wide range of topics. For those early in their learning we have Drupal in a day, along with site building and theming. We also offer such advanced topics as module development, multisite architecture, and panels. Whether your team is looking to get its feet wet in Drupal, wants to adapt Drupal to specific needs, or plans to implement an enterprise solution, Acquia and our training partners get you heading down the right track.

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The Industry's Largest Drupal Education Programme

Adopt best practices

Years of experience and community wisdom define our courses. In addition to learning 'how to,' you'll understand why Drupal performs the way it does — and how to work with it better.

Learn by doing

Learning activities are hands-on and introduce fundamental concepts of Drupal. Learn quickly through real-world examples that you can apply immediately.

Get classes that fit you

Training is available for either public sessions or private classroom settings. Public courses range from 1 to 5 days in length; private training packages can be customised to suit your needs.

Control costs

Acquia's high-quality curriculum allows our partners can deliver training more cost-effectively so they can deliver training more quickly, and to more people.

Upcoming Training

Drupal in a Day

Learn the most essential features and concepts of Drupal in a single day.
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Module Development

Learn how to develop and configure Drupal modules in our 2 day training.
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Drupal Gardens

Learn best practices of Site Building in Drupal Gardens.
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Theme Development

Design and Theme your Drupal site with our 2 day training.
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Site Building

Discover the power of building websites with Drupal in our 2 day Site Building deep dive.
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Hello Drupal

Get introduced to Drupal, say hello in this 3 hour intro course.
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