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Test performance and scalability with Blitz


Load and Performance Testing

Blitz, powered by Mu Dynamics, is a self-service load and performance and scalability testing platform for developers of API, cloud, web, and mobile applications. Blitz is affordable, easy to use, and requires no scripting.

Start testing now!

Create a free account and run a free test of up to 1,000 concurrent users for 7 days ($249 value). Afterwards, continue to run tests with up to 250 users.

Blitz delivers capabilities to quickly and efficiently ensure application performance and scalability. Blitz aligns with new programming techniques like Agile and continuous integration, and requires no scripting.


No scripting

Blitz eliminates the expensive and tedious script creation process. Developers can instantly load test their APIs and cloud apps without creating complex test scripts. With the Google Chrome extension, integration with Google Analytics, and integration with all leading Platform-as-a-Service vendors, Blitz brings load and performance testing into the development cycle, where developers can simply launch a load test from anywhere with their application, anytime.

Continuous integration

With support for Ruby, Java, Python, node.js, and others, and a robust API, application and API developers can integrate Blitz into their continuous deployment process.

Multi-location load testing

Blitz can run load tests constituting millions of concurrent users coming from multiple continents. Combined with parameterization of API invocations, Blitz makes it possible to accurately recreate users from around the world.