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7532 honnen dr N
Indianapolis, IN
United States
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Energy / Mining / Natural Resources
Financial Services
Solution Areas: 

I can increase your internal capacity to develop, deploy, and maintain Drupal websites OR I can develop your project for you.
* Professional Drupal TRAINING [Online or Onsite] and professional Drupal DEVELOPMENT.
* Recognized in the Drupal community as having traveled extensively, sharing Drupal at Linux Fests, CMS-Expos, WebContent Conference, DrupalCamps, DrupalCons, and many more events.
* Colleges and private companies have hired me to come in and grow their internal Drupal knowledge-base.
* launched large sites for Law Firms, Social Networks, and Industrial Companies.
For each new project, specialized teams are assembled that are particularly suited to your development needs. When you receive your finished project you will be given sufficient training to leverage the functionality that was built for you.
Doug Vann + The Power of Drupal = Solutions That are Tailored For YOU!