Accueil / Conference Organizing Distribution (COD) 7 Beta2

Conference Organizing Distribution (COD) 7 Beta2

COD Beta 2

Over the Holiday weekend, over 25 tickets were solved coming out of the Alpha6 and Beta1 release of COD. Late Monday night, COD Beta2 was released! This release includes fixes to the session submission system, specifically where time-slots and tracks weren't being properly saved in some conditions. We also made changes to the administration menu paths to de-couple them from the node and be less confusing. You can see the full release notes here:

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I've talked to many people who've been using COD, but its been hard tracking down hard numbers for sites that are actually using it.
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Getting COD to Beta

Back at Drupalcon Austin, we had 7 people in the community helping us tackle issues, with 3 of them putting in up-to 14 hour days. On the sprint day Friday, three conferences were testing and planning on using the new Beta. Our BoF on Tuesday was fairly productive, with about 15 people in attendance. Many had used COD in the past and had difficulty, everyone was impressed to see how far it has come in the past 2 months due to a 2x FTE commitment from MongoDB.

For a distribution that is primarily community supported, we managed to build a new base theme, totally overhaul the scheduling and session system, integrate a new registration system (ticket module) and decouple specific use cases so every camp can contribute. All together, over 250 hours were spent from Saturday until Friday (some sprinting until 2am!) to get this done.


After sprinting with Matthew Connerton (mrconnerton), much of the documentation on has been updated. You can see the new COD7 landing page here:
We could definitely use some help in completing documentation. If you see gaps, please update the docs and submit issues related to docs.

COD Beta / RC Roadmap

COD is definitely still in Beta, and I'm hoping that we can get to a release every 4-6 weeks. This will put Beta3 around the beginning of August. If you're interested in helping out, take a look at the issue queue and submit issues! For the cod_support modules (most functionality), go here:
If you're interested in helping out on the distribution make and profile itself, submit issues here:

Please spread the word and let people know to give it a whirl! There is still much to be done, but at least now I'm confident camps can start to come together and help make a better distribution for Drupal camps and other conferences.

Community Leadership Summit

If you're in town for the Open Source Conference (OSCON), come the weekend before for Community Leadership Summit (CLS). Jakob will be giving a plenary on COD and will be sprinting over the weekend to get Beta3 out. The conference is free to attend:

Connect with us

IRC: #drupal-cod on
Twitter: @usecod
Issue Queue:

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