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Acquia Cloud Data Sheet

Success you can build on

The customer’s journey hasn’t changed in principle in many years. What has changed are all of the ways we have to engage with customers. When we focus on digital experiences, the customer can now participate across many devices, select among applications and web pages, and choose to be identified or anonymous. Although the steps remain fundamentally the same, the path becomes a convoluted mess. Assembling all of these engagements across a single, digital experience platform is required to obtain the big picture.

Acquia invented the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for digital experiences. Acquia Cloud runs on this Drupal-tuned platform. It provides all of the tools needed to develop, deliver, and manage digital experiences spanning delivery channels and devices. Teams can now continuously execute at scale on a global platform that supports modern application demands. Acquia Cloud lets you drive deep customer engagements through contextual, cross-channel experiences.