Accueil / Using Drupal Commons to Accelerate Collaboration [November 14, 2012]

Using Drupal Commons to Accelerate Collaboration [November 14, 2012]

While eCommerce sites have become search conversion centers of excellence, non-transactional sites have struggled to create superior search experiences.

Competitive and effective organizations in our fast paced information economy need to get the most out of their network – customers, supporters, collaborators, and partners. Regardless of the sector you work in – from commercial, to NGO and nonprofit, to government – getting the right people connected, with the right information, at the right time will help your organization make progress faster. Forum One Communications uses Drupal Commons to help organizations accelerate the pace of those connections, and sustain a culture of innovation and problem solving.

In this webinar we’ll share what we’ve learned from building and managing Drupal Commons powered communities for the Department of Education, CDC, DoD, and others.

In this webinar we will feature:

• Use cases of Commons for a variety of sectors from big business to government
• Lessons learned of customization, user experience and management
• How to encourage and build up active participation

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mercredi, le 14 novembre 2012h