Accueil / Richard Burford

Richard Burford

Senior Software Engineer
Acquia, Inc.

Richard joined the Dev Team in June 2010 and helped to launch the biggest Drupal 7 site six months before Drupal 7 was released. He was the Lead Front End Developer on the mobile site - the highest traffic Drupal mobile site in the US and the 7th highest ranked mobile site in the US (August 2012).

Richard has many Drupal contributions, mostly in the form of contributed modules and his minimal base theme called Clean. Another of Richard's contributions to the Drupal project is the Drupal Contrib API site ( which provides reference documentation for Drupal's most popular contributed projects.

Richard has a score of 7 on the Drupal certification site "Certified to Rock".

Richard is currently a Senior Software Engineer on the Drupal Gardens team at Acquia.