Twenty-six sites and 30,000 assets migrated to Drupal CMS and Acquia Cloud

SEMI® is the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chain for the micro- and nano-electronics industries.

During the recent economic downturn, SEMI went through several rounds of layoffs and started looking to gain cost efficiencies in their IT investments – specifically finding areas they could move to the cloud. The first target was the website infrastructure. SEMI was constrained by a legacy CMS system that required significant investment in maintenance costs for their 26 different sites. In addition, SEMI had a collocation data storage investment totaling $11,000 per month and they were fast approaching their yearly renewal.

SEMI conducted a thorough evaluation of CMS systems with cloud hosting options. With a team of 26 content providers with different technical skill sets, that needed to publish in different languages, the critical focus area was ease-of-use in the content contribution and editing process. The evaluation showed Drupal as the clear winner for the re-platforming effort based on these requirements, and of equal importance was the evaluation of Acquia Cloud's hosted offering. The team had been reduced from eight IT operations employees to two, but SEMI still needed their site to be up at all times, and required 24X7 support to do so.

How they did it

Once the decision was made, it became clear that the original timeline for migration needed to be accelerated in order to hit an aggressive three-month launch goal. SEMI had renewed their co-location contract for three months, and if the site didn’t launch in Acquia’s environment by March 2011, they would have to sign up for another three-month contract totaling another $33,000 investment.

ThoughtMatrix analyzed the content, and selected Kapow Technologies’ Katalyst Suite as the best-suited migration technology. ThoughtMatrix transposed the existing website designs into SEMI’s Drupal CMS, then migrated more than 30,000 pages of content and associated assets to hit the deadline.

The results

As a trusted advisor, ThoughtMatrix was able to help SEMI move from being burdened by a legacy CMS and database infrastructure to a leading CMS technology and forward-thinking cloud infrastructure. Acquia Cloud's environment, tuned for Drupal site optimization, provided significant cost savings. They reduced their infrastructure costs from $300,000 per year to $105,000 – a cost savings of 65%. This includes both the Acquia hosting relationship, as well as CDN functionality from CDNetworks.

In addition, Acquia Cloud's white-glove support allows for SEMI’s business and technical teams to focus on site innovation while Acquia manages and guarantees site performance and reliability.

Once the site was ready, the migration to the Acquia environment was seamless. The infrastructure was there; it was ready for us.
Shawn Gordon
Director, Global IT Operations and Technical Services, SEMI

Company Information

Migrate 26 sites from legacy CMS & architecture to Drupal and Acquia Cloud
Global trade association
160 employees
Drupal user since 2011
Acquia client since 2011
  • 65% cost savings in infrastructure costs moving from co-location to the cloud
  • Significantly reduced time spent maintaining the CMS
  • Increased flexibility and ease-of-use for content contributors