DJO Global

Acquia Supports Global Web Presence for Intelligent Medical Devices Firm.

When DJO Global, a billion dollar company providing intelligent medical devices and services, needed to update and streamline their web presence, they chose MJD Interactive as their digital agency of record. With an approach that includes in-depth analysis and an integrated partnering model, MJD Interactive was uniquely qualified to take on the enormous task.

Michael Maginnis, a founding partner of MJD Interactive, whose clients include Bad Boy MMA, Tony Robbins, and West Health Initiative, recalls, “DJO has 5000+ products across 12 different brands. From experience and our research, we knew that Acquia services was the solution that best aligned with DJO’s goals.”

“Acquia’s enterprise hosting and support enables a certain level of confidence for us and our clients in choosing open source Drupal.”
— Michael Maginnis, Founding Partner at MJD Interactive

The Solution

A big plus with Drupal is its flexibility. The site needed integration with Oracle and SharePoint. Maginnis remembers, “Drupal was a natural choice because it works well with large legacy systems. We wrote custom Drupal modules and web services to allow everything to play nice together.”

The old site included links to nine separate sites for access to product information. The new site had to encompass a vast amount of data, bringing it all into one repository. Drupal is scalable to handle the load, especially with help from Acquia’s Drupal-optimized hosting.

Help from Acquia was critical to making the project a success. Chris Woods, Acquia sales rep, worked with both MJD Interactive and directly with DJO personnel to be sure they had what they needed. “Acquia was flexible and set up a development environment that allowed us to easily deploy the site when the time came to launch,” recalls Maginnis.

“Acquia allowed us to build a system with ease of use for the entire DJO corporate structure. DJO content editors can easily update the data using Drupal’s clean administrative interface. DJO’s IT department, which had been hosting the sites on their own servers, can leave hosting and support to Acquia.”

The Results

The site includes all DJO’s products, services, and brands under one umbrella for the first time in the company’s history. The new design and organization, with an expanded depth and breadth of information, has resulted in thrilled brand managers and happy visitors. Not only does the site have an updated look and feel, but visitors have a much easier time finding relevant information. Content structure, segmented by user types to address professionals looking for medical information and consumers looking for educational information, produces an experience tailored to the visitor.

Maginnis explains, “On the old site, a person with a single ailment like a knee injury would have to access multiple sites to find all the products and information that might help. The new site includes an animated filtering system that sorts all products by Brand, Anatomy, Indication (what hurts?) and Category.” Try it out for yourself at

“We will be extending DJO’s ERP through an iPad application for the DonJoy line of knee brace fitting. Reps in the field will use an iPad to enter measurements and instantly place an order - a far cry from the paper and fax system of today,” says Maginnis.

“Acquia future-proofs the DJO site and allows for planned expansion into e-commerce, as well as other mobile and internal applications. As an Acquia Services partner at the Enterprise level, we at MJD Interactive feel confident offering complex Drupal solutions to companies of any size.”

With its 24x7 support and Drupal-optimized hosting, Acquia is an excellent fit for a large enterprise client like DJO Global.
Michael Maginnis
Founding Partner at MJD Interactive

Company Information

MJD Interactive
Interactive agency
300% average ROI for clients
20 employees
Drupal user since 2007
Acquia partner since 2011
  • Over 5000 products
  • 12 brands
  • All under one umbrella for the first time